Ceramic sculptures

My first ceramic sculptures were born when I visited the Art-School in Luxembourg.

It is difficult for me to speak to much about them. They are all created spontaneously and most of them do not need any comment except technical information.

 Basically they reflect different aspects of my life: structures, rhythms , poetry, simplicity.

Some of these sculptures took a short time to make whereas others are the result of long time research and work. During all these years I developed several techniques that are not taught in any school or book. Maybe I will reveal them in my memoires.

Each new sculpture is a new challenge and a great pleasure for me to realize them. Of all these sculptures I made, at the most one third became ready to be shown or sold. The remaining are filling boxes or have been recycled or thrown away.

The story of my ceramic sculpture is very short to tell. During my study time in Italy I started developing some techniques and back to Luxembourg I just got so much success that I didn’t have enough sculptures to sell. Everybody wanted to make an exhibition of my work, but I didn’t have the equipment to produce any more. It took me until more than two years later that I could have my first own studio in Luxembourg City. In the situation I was in, things were becoming less easy than in Italy. Now I had to take care to get the quality equipment and this took me nearby one year of time, of course with a very limited budget. Now I had to reconsider my selling prices as I had to cover many costs for renting and managing a great studio. Most of the regular income was coming from teaching in my own studio, but this takes a lot of time and energy; still it was interesting. This was the best way as I never made any compromises about the originality of my work.

After 5 years I got a big order from the government. Initially the sculpture was meant to be produced in Stoneware. But the “responsible” people from the government thought that it is better to make it in cast steel, Because of the fragility of the ceramic material. So it was changed from nice white mat-glazed  ceramic to a dark rusty metal.

In these first 15 years I participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and I was flattered by many positive comments in the media.

Most of the pieces shown are sold, some are left for sale